rainbow cultural garden

Why consider enrolling your child in Rainbow Cultural Garden?

Parents often worry about their children’s milestones: “When should my child sit? When should he start to walk? When should she start to speak?” If a parent knocked their child down as they were first learning to stand, would you think that was good for the child’s development? No parent does.

As parents, we try our best to support our child’s development and often tailor our efforts by observing common signposts. However, the most significant events in a child’s development aren’t obvious to us because they take place in the brain.

In the first two years of life the brain expands to a capacity that’s far larger than that child’s capacity will be, even as an adult. This is called an “exuberant phase”. After this period, brain capacity is gradually pruned back based on what the child’s brain experiences or doesn’t experience.

All of this activity in the brain that will shape the child’s life is invisible. Without the appropriate tools to encourage and stimulate the brain to stay abundant with connections, it’s almost as if a parent is knocking a child down as they’re learning to stand.

The most important thing for a child’s development is how their internal environment is fostered -how these invisible connections are stimulated to grow.

We seek to foster the foundational building blocks to a child’s development. We foster these invisible processes to strengthen their capacity for learning, compassion and, ultimately, for joy.

Our Values:

JOY. . .  Would you like your children to have an inspired love for learning, the tools to achieve their goals, and the inner wealth to enjoy their lives to the fullest?

HUMANITY. . .  Would you like your children to have a profound experience of what it means to be human, to see beyond cultural differences, to speak several languages and to grow up as compassionate citizens of the world?

SKILLS. . .  Would you like your child to develop a capacity for how to think instead of what to think? Would you like them to grow the self-reliance and the confidence needed to solve obstacles and skillfully overcome adversity?