rainbow cultural garden

For Children

Multicultural exposure increases a child’s capacity to experience joy! Our curriculum introduces children to culturally diverse role models at an early age inspiring a strong sense of humanity and compassion. Cultural arrogance is often the basis of wars and negative prejudices, but a personal connection with people from different cultures eliminates certain aspects of cultural arrogance.

Picture a mother who spends ten to twelve hours a day with her child: There are times when she’s tired and worn, and times when she must urgently deal with situations. Even with the best of intentions, she’ll likely experience impatience, mood swings and reactions around her child. Experiencing these things firsthand, the child can come to inherit the mother’s idiosyncrasies, problems and moods. But imagine multiple caretakers who are always fresh, attentive, engaged and only concerned with the child’s well-being: this child isn’t exposed to the tired, inadvertent violence of a one (or two) parent system of childrearing.

By having a “village” raise the child, they’ll get every caretaker’s best, allowing the child to become their best.


For Parents

Parenting is an art. The knowledge of  “good parenting” has been passed down from hundreds of years ago, through generation upon generation of well-intended however unskilled parents. To this day parenting skills is a largely unregulated field. Wouldn’t it be far better for children if their parents grew up learning the specific parenting skills they needed to be their? Yes. But that doesn’t commonly exist in our society.

That’s why Rainbow also has a parenting program. It helps parents develop the skills they need, or want, in order to be their best. When you give a child a combination of an extremely well-equipped parent with a set of diverse caregivers, that child has many role models from which to soak up the best examples. If one parent has a specific type of fear or issue, the child is less likely to inherit it when they have other role models showing them different ways to overcome it.